V8 Engine Swap Half four – Right into a 1991-1999 (Second Technology) Toyota MR2 Turbo

engine/transmission combo within the engine bay of the second era Toyota MR2 Turbo (1991-1999 physique type). I used to be in a position to match the engine and trans into the automobile with solely minimal modification to the engine bay of the automobile, and to the cross member. This quantities to pounding a few small dents into non-visible parts of the automobile, and chopping some clearance notches. LS swap transmission

Now that the correct spot for the engine and trasmission was discovered, I might proceed with the motor mount fabrication. I had the engine and transmission bolted collectively, they usually have been lifted up into the engine bay utilizing a transmission jack that I fabricated a wood platform and connected it to the jack pad. This jack had the power to tilt the engine and transmission ahead or back as nicely. I discovered that to be extraordinarily useful. I focus on the main points of this jack and the opposite instruments I utilized in my publication (free to join on my website–see my hyperlinks beneath).

I appeared by the Fiero boards to see how they fabricated the mounts for this engine and transmission combo. The Fiero differs vastly from the MR2 in that there’s an “engine cradle”. The cradle is mounted to the automobile utilizing rubber mounts, and the engine and transmission are connected to the cradle utilizing strong metal. Vibration is dampened by the cradle-to-car mounts.

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